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Over $500,000 in Scholarships Awarded to Area Students

Alongside our affiliate, the Community Foundation of Louisa County, we awarded over $500,000 in scholarships to Columbus Community, Louisa-Muscatine, Muscatine, Wapello, West Liberty, and Wilton High Schools’ graduates.

Frank and Carrie Townsend and Ruth Townsend Scholarship recipients at Wilton High School Senior Awards Night on May 15, 2024.

Over 170 scholarships were awarded through funds established by Community Foundation donors to support students pursuing post-secondary education. Muscatine Community College Foundation and other local donors and organizations awarded additional scholarships in partnership with the Community Foundation.


Scholarships were awarded in varying amounts, from $500 one-time awards up to $20,000 four-year awards. Scholarships were also awarded for a variety of post-secondary options including bachelor’s or associate degrees, certificate programs, and trade training.


“This scholarship award will allow me to reach my academic goals. Although I work two jobs to pay for my education and plan to work through college, I was fearful of the amount of money I would be spending towards my college tuition. Thanks to this scholarship opportunity, I am able to worry a little less,” said Ashley Hutmacher, a Louisa-Muscatine High School graduate attending the University of Iowa in the fall.


Scholarship funds established through the Community Foundation and the award recipients for each school are listed below.

Columbus Community High School:

  • Lisle (Doc) and Jeanette Luithly Memorial Scholarship: Brynna Schwab

Louisa-Muscatine High School:

  • Francis and Patricia Carroll Scholarship: Kilynn Lick

  • Muscatine County Arts Council Scholarship: Ashley Hutmacher

  • Muscatine County Soil and Water Conservation District’s Ralph L. Kirchner Memorial Countywide Scholarship: Skyler Beck

  • Temp Associates and RJK, Inc. Scholarship: Ashley Hutmacher

  • Wulf Family Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Helen P. Wulf: Natalie Osborn

Muscatine High School:

  • Bernadette M. Rohling Memorial Scholarship: Gavin McLeod, Savanna Labath, Creed Birkhofer, Isabella Loeffler

  • Brant W. Bruhn Memorial Scholarship: Caden Brown, Hannah Jansen

  • Bruce C. Heezen Memorial Scholarship: Evan Franke, Ami Denyo, Anna Bode, Constelle Votio, Caleb Carlson, Gavin Brookhart

  • Carver Excellence in Education – 12th Grade: Ami Denyo, Jenna Lovstad, Ty Cozad, McKenzie Lemkau, Clarissa Lagunas-Juarez, Edwin Orellana, Alanah Dolan, Emma Creamer, Chevy Palmer, Molly Mercer, Keenen Lake-Emmert, Estella Bland, Brianna Yerington, Makinley Hage, Alexis Taylor, Dane Wells, Constelle Votio, Pamela Ventura, Dayton Truesdale, Aubrey Bender

  • Carver Excellence in Education – 8th Grade: Gabriella Hunter, Maggie Sajak, Tehya Davis, Fayoo Tirfe, Cynovia Hesseling, Kenda Linder, Natalie Cuellar, Coen Navarro, Alexander Gaytan, Bethelda Votio

  • Clare Scherrer Scholarship: Dylan Maresca

  • Class of 1953 Scholarship: Allison Houghton

  • Class of 1956 Scholarship: Annalise Zillig

  • Class of 1971 Scholarship: Emmanuel Marquez

  • Class of 1974 Scholarship: Ashleigh Ramser

  • Dianne R. Dalbey Memorial Scholarship: Crystal Garcia, Rachel Dieckman

  • Diwan-Nadkarni Charitable Scholarship: Renee Lin, Caleb Carlson

  • Donald and Dorothy Platt Scholarship: Amaya Wagner

  • Dr. John A Watson Memorial Scholarship: Amaya Wagner

  • Dr. Russell N. Ward Scholarship: Nicholas Kotouc

  • Ed Ware Memorial Scholarship: Brylee Seaman

  • Elaine May YMCA Scholarship: Grace Miller

  • Elvira Trevarthen Scholarship: Jillian Reed

  • Flickinger Learning Center Scholarship: Sasha Rodriguez

  • Fosholt Scholarship in Engineering or Architecture: Parker Green

  • Graciela (Coca) V. Page Memorial Scholarship: Elexi Rada, Crystal Garcia

  • Hall of Honor Scholarship: Vanessa Madrigal, Haley Thomas, Hannah Jansen, Grace Miller, Owen Christy

  • Harold & Corrine Marx Scholarship: Kaden Gray, Emiliana Marquez-Twitty, Vaughn Brookhart, Emmanuel Marquez, Hayden Anderson

  • Harold Ogilvie Sr. and E. Herbert Carlson Kiwanis Scholarship: Olivia Haller

  • Henry Miller Memorial Kiwanis Scholarship: Olivia Haller

  • Hermann Family Scholarship: Avery Schroeder

  • H.J. Heinz Scholarship: Elexi Rada

  • Illeen M. Rohling Memorial Scholarship: Madeline Fisher, Madeline Hillman, Rylee Pothoff

  • Jean Lettenberger Scholarship: Kaelen Tjebkes

  • Jeanette Phillips Crossroads Scholarship: Alexis Edkin

  • Jeff Tank MHS Girls Basketball Memorial Scholarship: Annalise Zillig, Ysabel Lerma

  • Jill Moravec Memorial Muscatine Band Boosters Scholarship: Katherine Schlawin

  • Jim and Arlene Kaeding Memorial Scholarship: Caleb Carlson

  • Jim Sturms Memorial Scholarship: Madison Young

  • John A. Wojtecki, Ph.D. Scholarship: Ashton Heim

  • Julia Wojtecki Memorial Scholarship: Ellee Mergen

  • Kathy J. Brooker-Decker Memorial Scholarship: Amaya Wagner

  • Kevin K. Birkhofer STEM Scholarship: Nathaniel Bovenkamp

  • Krieger Technical Scholarship: Kaden Gray

  • Larry Fullington Memorial Scholarship: Jovani Romo

  • Marie C. Ruthenberg Memorial Scholarship: Hayden Curtis

  • Maurice and Donna Reed Scholarship: Owen Christy

  • Max A. Collins, Sr. Scholarship: Ashton Heim

  • Mente Fellowship of Christian Athletes Scholarship: Caleb Carlson

  • Micaela L. Brunson Memorial Scholarship: Alexis Edkin, Madeline Hillman, Mahayla Martin

  • Muscatine Band Boosters Scholarship: Gavin McLeod

  • MCSF Community Service/Volunteer Scholarship: Henri Gross, Kaelen Tjebkes

  • MCSF General Scholarship: Jaela Staker, Gabriella Steele

  • Muscatine County Soil & Water Conservation District’s Ralph L. Kirchner Memorial Countywide Scholarship: Dakota Dahlke, Brooklyn McGinnis

  • Muscatine Youth Girls Basketball Scholarship: Ysabel Lerma, Annalise Zillig, Brylee Seaman, Avery Schroeder

  • Paul C. Rohling Memorial Scholarship: Avery Schroeder, Dakota Dahlke, Jackson Brendel

  • Roach Scholar: Fiona Glynn

  • Roach Business Scholar: Jazmin Pineda

  • Robert Nietzel Scholarship: Madeline Fisher

  • Robert P. Herwig Scholarship: Hayden Curtis

  • Robert W. and Dorothy M. Toborg Scholarship: Lincoln Brookhart, Lars Scholze

  • Ronald D. and Marilyn A. Sturms Endowed Scholarship: Elexi Rada

  • Rotary Club of Muscatine Scholarship: Parker Green, Katherine Schlawin, Sawyer Zeck, Audrey Mah, Isabel Simpson

  • Ruth Scholarship: Tyler Wingerter

  • Shilah A. Buchele Lindle Memorial Scholarship: Reese Stephens

  • Temp Associates and RJK, Inc. Scholarship: Rachel Dieckman, Danika Garrett, Jackson Othmer, Molly Mercer

  • The Virginia Lorimor Girls’ Cross Country, Track and Field Memorial Scholarship: Fiona Glynn

  • Theodora Zorich Memorial Scholarship: Hayden Curtis

  • Toyota of Muscatine Scholarship: Raul Madrigal

  • Trueman H., Lucille V., and T. Patrick Wigim Scholarship: Drake Minder, Meliah Martin, Lauren Audas, Renee Lin, Hadley Hilbrant, Trey Ulses

Wapello High School

  • Don and Donna Williams Scholarship: Tyler Ehrman, Kamdyn Hammond, Jacie Hoeg, Emily Hemphill

  • Edwin R. Hicklin Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Ehrman, Kamdyn Hammond, Jacie Hoeg

  • Ray and Evelyn Werner Education, Human Services, or Agriculture Scholarship: Emily Hemphill

West Liberty High School

  • Martin and Esther Windus Memorial Scholarship: Mya Elizondo

Wilton High School:

  • Frank and Carrie Townsend and Ruth Townsend Scholarship: Ava Barrett, Lillian Shuger, Catherine Hook, Imogen Jirak, Landyn Putman, Calli Langley, Abby Hugunin, Kaylee Coss, Casen Reid, Keira Polman, Brody Brisker, Benjamin Marine, Gunner Garvin

  • Frank and Carrie Townsend and Ruth Townsend Scholarship – Vocational/Technical /Trade: Hope Lock

  • Grimm and Pennington Family Scholarship: Ava Barrett

  • Temp Associates and RJK, Inc. Scholarship: Ava Barrett

  • Whetstine Family Scholarship: Catherine Hook, Calli Langley

These scholarship awards are made possible by the generosity of donors and scholarship fund holders. For more information about establishing your own scholarship fund or donating to an existing scholarship, call us at 563-264-3863.

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