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Building a stronger community together.

The Community Foundation is a place for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to invest in our community. By opening a fund—or joining your friends and neighbors in giving to a community fund—you can get more impact out of every dollar. We make giving simple, convenient, and tax-advantageous, so that you can give more to the causes you care about and create a lasting legacy.

Contact Us:

Jamie Leza

VP, Operations


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Simple, convenient way to give to multiple causes

– Disperse money to any number of different causes through one place.

– Give to any 501c3 or government entity.

– Avoid administrative hassle and fees of family foundations.

honored forever

We know our donors personally and are structured to ensure your intentions are fulfilled long after your heirs/executors are gone. For example, if you direct funds to a particular youth organization that ceases to exist, we’ll find one with a similar mission to take its place.

Maximum impact
on the community

We’re your connector and guide to the needs and nonprofits in our community. We stay on top of the issues, and we’re a key voice in important community conversations. We ensure that your gifts are used for maximum impact in the areas with the most need.



Gifts to the Community Foundation are tax-deductible. Donors who give to one of our permanently endowed funds benefiting charitable causes within the state of Iowa are also eligible to received 25% tax credits for their gifts through the Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program


When you partner with the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine, you get personal, trusted service. We are here to provide expertise and strategic solutions to build a better community and ensure your goals are met well into the future. 

A Donor Advised Fund links our charitable giving to the investment power and friendly services of the Community Foundation.

Deb and Keith Porter, Donor Advised Fund


If you are an attorney, financial planner, or tax advisor, we can assist you and your clients in structuring tax-wise gifts that establish an enduring community legacy. Whether serving as a local charitable giving resource or maximizing tax savings, our team works as part of your team to offer giving opportunities to meet clients’ financial and charitable goals.

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