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Housing Projects

Collaboratively expanding the supply of workforce housing in Muscatine County through tools such as 3D House Printing - being one of the first in the state to utilize this proven, innovative technology.

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Live 3D Home Printing

The first 3D printed home in the state of Iowa!

Interested in a 3D printed home?

For more information on pre-sale or purchase opportunities, please contact Ron Monahan at the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine at or 563-264-3863.

Arbor Commons Lot 10_edited.jpg

Pictured above: rendering of 3D printed home

3D House Printing

As a supplemental tool for housing development, 3D technology has the potential to help Muscatine County and rural communities nationwide address the housing shortage and create affordable, sustainable, and innovative housing.

Housing Goals

Adopted by the Muscatine County Housing Council

Encourage development by expanding funding sources and partnerships.

Support opportunities to obtain and sustain affordable ownership.

Increase the inventory of quality affordable units.

Preserve long-term affordability and physical condition of the existing stock of housing.

Increase housing and associated supportive services for people with special needs.

3D Printing Videos

3D Printed Home Example 1_edited.jpg

Pictured above: 3D printed home by Alquist 3D

Housing Information

The housing stock is the largest single capital investment and collective community asset. There is currently a supply-side failure that is having cascading effects on the community. Currently 11,000 people drive into Muscatine County to work each day, including 25% of our district educators. Rural areas often attract fewer developers, so local partners have joined together to support this priority innovatively and collaboratively.

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