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Housing Projects

Collaboratively expanding the supply of workforce housing in Muscatine through tools such as 3D House Printing - being one of the first in the state to utilize this proven, innovative technology.

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3D House Printing

Printing homes with 3D technology is slated to begin in Muscatine County in the first quarter of 2023 through a multi-faceted collective effort. 

The housing stock is the largest single capital investment and collective community asset. There is currently a supply-side failure that is having cascading effects on the community. Currently 11,000 people drive into Muscatine County to work each day, including 25% of our district educators. Rural areas often attract fewer developers, so local partners have joined together to support this priority innovatively and collaboratively.

Pictured above: printed home by sub-contractor Alquist 3D

3D House Printing Press Conference Links

Key Partners

Mark Lofgren
Iowa State Senator

Pete Evans Headshot.PNG

Pete Evans
Assistant Professor, Industrial Design
Iowa State University

Brad Bark Headshot.PNG

Brad Bark
Mayor of the City of Muscatine & President and CEO, GMCCI

Scott Dahlke Headshot.jpg

Scott Dahlke
Executive Director
Muscatine Center for Social Action

Don Lampe.jfif
Santos-Saucedo Headshot.jpg
Jodi Headshot_edited.jpg

Santos Saucedo
Board of Supervisors
Muscatine County

Jodi Royal-Goodwin
Community Development Director
City of Muscatine

Naomi Headshot.jpg

Naomi DeWinter
Muscatine Community College

Clint Headshot.PNG

Clint Christopher
Muscatine Community School District

Zach Mannheimer.jpg

Zach Mannheimer
Founder & CEO
Alquist 3D


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