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Governor Reynolds Visits 3D Robotic Home Printer in Muscatine

Governor Reynolds made a stop in Muscatine on Wednesday, May 10 to visit with area leaders and learn more about slated 3D home building in Muscatine.

The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine and Alquist 3D, in collaboration with many local and state organizations, will be bringing the first 3D printed home in the state of Iowa to Muscatine County soon. The 1,300 square foot 3D printed home and garage will be built in Arbor Commons subdivision in Muscatine by Alquist 3D, utilizing a 3D construction robotic arm created by Ric Technology. Hagerty Earthworks will serve as the local general contractor.

The Governor’s visit included watching the Alquist team prototyping with the 3D robotic home printer and learning more about Muscatine Community College’s 3D Home Printing Certificate Program which will also be the first such program in the state of Iowa and will begin in the fall.

Muscatine Community College is partnering to offer hands-on training for students in 3D printing technology so that a trained workforce can be established for the local construction industry. The college will work with Alquist 3D to develop curriculum and identify the skills students need.

In addition, Muscatine Community College intends to add research in this field on how the addition of hemp fibers to the concrete formula affects the strength and environmental impact of 3D printed homes.

The housing shortage in Muscatine County is creating an affordability crisis, burgeoning prices, and making homeownership harder to achieve for residents in our communities. As a supplemental tool for housing development, 3D technology has the potential to increase speed to market and make homes more affordable and sustainable.

For more information on 3D home printing, visit

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